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Yellow Beans from Kenya

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2000 kilogrammes of freshly harvested High Quality, Grade 1, KATB1 Fortified Yellow Beans. KATB1 (Kathima) beans are biofortified variety of Yellow Beans, high in Zinc and Iron compared to other varieties as well as higher healthy plant protein than any other bean. Grown in the Turbo area of Uasin Ngishu District the fertile Rift Valley soils ame rainfall work their magic to produce brightly coloured, attractive beans bursting with flavour and nutritious goodness that set our beans apart from those grown elsewhere. KATB1 beans have zero flatlence when consumed and do not cause bloating or heartburn when consumed even by individuals who display such symptoms when they consume other varieties. This makes the KATB1 BEAN Variety not only a highly nutritiuos, safe and healthy part of your diet but also a very healthy alternative to meat products in your daily diet.

Name: Yellow Beans

SKU: KE-132-14566-956

Type: Beans

Country of origin: Kenya

Price: USD 1 per Kg (FOB)

Min Order: 100 tonnes

Payment Terms: Payment via Mpesa or Bank transfer prior to collection from the farm

Qty Available: 2 tonnes