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Rutsiro Honey Ltd from Rwanda

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Our honey named Gishwati Natural Honey is 100% natural, even as many falsely believe that the factory may add any preservative because we don’t add or remove anything at the factory, we only filter and pack honey. Under the brand name “Gishwati Natural Honey”, the company produces natural honey that has health benefits in many ways not mentioning its flavor and sweetness. Gishwati Natural Honey is unique given that it is got from eucalyptus trees on which bees harvest food in this natural protected forest. Gishwati as a natural forest with different types of natural trees, adding value to the honey with no trace of chemicals as a result of pesticides applied to plants.

Name: Rutsiro Honey Ltd

SKU: RW-109-20521-1338

Type: Natural Honey

Country of origin: Rwanda

Price: USD 15 per Kg (EX-WORKS)

Min Order: 1 tonnes

Payment Terms: LC, cash, western union

Qty Available: 500kgs