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Pigs from Uganda

Original price $2,500.00 - Original price $2,500.00
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$2,500.00 - $2,500.00
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Description Since four years ago, we are very active in piggery farming on our farm situated in central Uganda only 40 km from the capital Kampala. Although we are not yet bio certificated, the practices we use are on those bases. We breed the white Comborough piggery and in additional to our farm, we have out growers/ farmers with whom we work to enable us have an average supply of 100 pigs with total life weights of over 10 tons. or 7 tons of slaughtered pork meat per month. Life weight price: 9 000 UGX (2.50 U$)/ kg FOB Farm Pork meat price: 12 000 UGX (3.35 U$)/kg FOB Farm Availability: Immediately Loadability: As required by buyer Inspections: As required by buyer Packaging: As required by buyer Origin: Uganda

Name: Pigs

SKU: UG-006-32049-2004

Type: Live Pigs

Country of origin: Uganda

Price: USD 2.5 per Kg (EX-WORKS)

Min Order: 1 tonnes

Payment Terms: LC OR Bank to Bank

Qty Available: 10