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Organic Water Melons from Kenya

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Our Organic Water Melons are planted in Kenya tropical weather and are packed with nutrient-dense minerals, fiber, and antioxidant-rich phytonutrients, like beta carotene and lycopene. They contains higher levels of lycopene than any other fresh fruit or vegetable and is considered a Lycopene Leader. [1] Watermelon is an excellent source of Vitamin C (25% DV) and a source of Vitamin A (8% DV).1 [2] Vitamin C has a key role in immune function, helping to prevent and/or treat numerous health conditions. Vitamin A is important for optimal eye health. [3] Watermelon also provides us with vitamin B6 (8% DV) and potassium (6% DV).1,2 Vitamin B6 is used in protein metabolism and plays a role in cognitive development and immune function as well. [4]. Potassium is a mineral necessary for water balance and is found inside of every cell.2 Land Our Organic Water Melons are planted on soil that has been untouched for 15 years to ensure the great quality of the soil. Soil has been tested prior to planting and was found to be very rich in nutrients and minerals to an extent that we did not need to add any nutrients to the soil after planting the Water Melons. Pesticides and Natural Pollinators We have not used any pesticides, instead, we used pest repellants that are made up of fresh mint leaves, garlic, and pepper. These repellants protect the Water Melons from pests while at the same time keeps the produce and the land free of harmful chemicals. In addition, we co-planted Basils that serve as natural pest repellants as well. Plus, to protect the garden from harmful mosquitoes and flies, we surrounded the land with Lavenders. Not only do the lavenders keep flies away, but they also attract pollinating bees into the garden. Herbicides We have not used any herbicides. Just Hay mulch to prevent the growth of herbs, and then hand plucked the herbs that still managed to sprout. Irrigation We are using Pipe irrigation since it is the most effective and sustainable method of irrigation. The water we are using is fresh drinkable water that is pumped from an underground aquifer on our farm. To conclude, the Water Melons are natural and free of any chemicals that will definitely assure consumers a healthy and tasty Fruit.

Name: Organic Water Melons

SKU: KE-188-3544-289

Type: Watermelon

Country of origin: Kenya

Price: USD 1250 per tonne (FOB)

Min Order: 1 tonnes

Payment Terms: Prepayment

Qty Available: 5 tonnes