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Nilotica Shea butter from Northern Uganda from Uganda

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Nilotica Shea butter is considered a more luxurious product compared to its cousin species like Paradoxa. Nilotica Shea butter contains special properties setting it apart from its cousin species Paradoxa and representing a unique selling point for buyers to showcase their finished product. It has a creamy texture given the high olein content making it easier to spread and absorb into the skin or hair. The buttery texture comes from its moisturising properties protecting the skin from drying and deeply nourishing hair from the root. It is packed with vitamins with anti-aging properties to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and anti-oxidant compounds to enhance the microcirculation in the skin for improved brightness. Nilotica Shea butter contains nutrients with high healing fractions for the treatment of eczema and skin allergies. It also has anti-inflammatory properties soothing skin outbreaks and is perfect for protecting babies’ skin against nappy rashes.

Name: Nilotica Shea butter from Northern Uganda

SKU: UG-269-15434-1028

Type: Shea Nuts

Country of origin: Uganda

Price: USD 8000 per tonne (FOB)

Min Order: 1 tonnes

Payment Terms: Bank deposits/ transfer

Qty Available: 10 tones