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Ngari Ragati from Kenya

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Original price $250.00 - Original price $250.00
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$250.00 - $250.00
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We are harvesting watermelon from our farm beginning Oct , Nov and Dec 2021 They are big, sweet, juicy, and fresh from the farm with deep red flesh color and a pleasant texture of the edible flesh. Benefits of Watermelons:- -lower blood pressure -have vitamins and minerals which are good for your heart. These are vitamins A, B6, C, magnesium and potassium

Name: Ngari Ragati

SKU: KE-188-15199-1003

Type: Watermelon

Country of origin: Kenya

Price: USD 250 per tonne (FOB)

Min Order: 20 tonnes

Payment Terms: MPESA or Bank Account Money-Wire Transfer

Qty Available: 100