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Lemon grass from Kenya

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Original price $200,000.00 - Original price $200,000.00
Original price
$200,000.00 - $200,000.00
Current price
We're selling unprocessed lemon grass and it's still in the farm(2acre piece)Could produce around 2.5t approximately selling at 200ksh per kg,with the leaves selling them separately at an agreeable price.Lemon gras still in good condition and intact no added fertilizers just foliar boosters sprayed farm is located in South Ngariama Morgan center can pin location for interested buyers

Name: Lemon grass

SKU: KE-184-15123-1565

Type: Lemon

Country of origin: Kenya

Price: USD 200 per Kg (FOB)

Min Order: 1 tonnes

Payment Terms: CAD

Qty Available: 2½ tonnes