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Legumes and Pulses from Egypt

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$500.00 - $500.00
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El Tabakh For Sorting & Packing Agricultural Crops Import & Export�, is an Egyptian specialized manufacturer, processor and sorter of all types of Legumes & Agricultural Crops. White Kidney Beans Navy beans (Haricot Beans) / Black-Eyed Beans Egyptian Rice Faba Beans Caraway Peanut Lupine Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Chickpeas Fenugreek Gravel Broad Beans Egyptian peeled Broad Beans 12 mm Whole Lentils Red Peeled Lentils Sesame Egyptian Fennel Seeds Pumpkin Seeds Watermelon Seeds Sunflower Seeds All kinds of legumes

Name: Legumes and Pulses

SKU: EG-150-7490-499

Type: Chickpeas

Country of origin: Egypt

Price: USD 500 per tonne (FOB)

Min Order: 12 tonnes

Payment Terms: TT LC CAD

Qty Available: 1000