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Hass and Fuerte avocados from Kenya

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We have one of the best Hass Avocados that you can have your hands on. Its creamy, rich and tasty full of natural goodness that the body needs. Mainly grown and harvested by Kenyan Farmers. These are fruits that are hand picked from the farm to processing to exporting. If you need Avocados look no further, we are here to make it worth the while. To make your taste buds yearn for more and to bring the richness of Avocados to life. Our Hass Avocados come in sizes i.e 16–18, and sometimes 20 per 4 kg box. For the Fuerte variety, 14–16. and Bigger sizes, such as 14, but also small sizes (26–30) in the beginning of the season are available and are sold in boxes of 10 kg. Packaging requirements vary between customers and market segments. Our Avocados are packed in new, clean and quality packaging to prevent damage and protect the product properly. we pack in the Common packaging of 4 kg cardboard boxes, often wholesale packaging; 10 kg plastic or cardboard crates, often for importers that ripen and repack avocados. Shipping of our fresh avocados is done in CA (Controlled Atmosphere) containers from the port of Mombasa enroute to Europe and Middle East by sea. The shipments take 12 to 15 days to reach Marseilles and 21 days to reach Rotterdam / Amsterdam. The shipments take about 8 days for the Middle East clients. Our clients in Europe are France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Ukraine and Russia and from Asia are, United Arabs Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Singapore and Hong Kong. We deliver quality produce across the world.

Name: Hass and Fuerte avocados

SKU: KE-178-23804-1499

Type: Avocados

Country of origin: Kenya

Price: USD 1700 per tonne (EX-WORKS)

Min Order: 300 USD

Payment Terms: CAD, TT

Qty Available: 10000