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Green Abba Buna Coffee from Ethiopia

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Original price $3,850.00 - Original price $3,850.00
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$3,850.00 - $3,850.00
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WASHED WEST ARSI GRADE 1 AND 2 WASHED SIDAMO GRADE 1 AND 2 WASHED GUJI GRADE 1 AND 2 WASHED LIMU GRADE 1 AND 2 Traceable Organic Coffee from one source. Green Coffee, Packing at 60kg or 30Kg Bag, Grain Pro

Name: Green Abba Buna Coffee

SKU: ET-206-20178-1309

Type: Coffee

Country of origin: Ethiopia

Price: USD 3.85 per Kg (FOB)

Min Order: 19 tonnes

Payment Terms: LC

Qty Available: 200