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Goat and sheep whole chilled carcasses from Kenya

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$4,800.00 - $4,800.00
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GOAT AND MUTTON WHOLE CARCASS Hello, We are suppliers of fresh Halal chilled mutton and goat based in Kenya and welcome every opportunity to establish a long term business relationship MOQ: 5Tonnes Sample 1.5 tonnes Delivery 48hrs after confirmed order ( subject to flight availability) Graman East African's aim is to strategically position ourselves amongst the global marketers and distributors of goat and mutton meat in the Middle East and Africa of a high quality Our mission is to create value for both the farmers and consumers through our products ,serve the nutritional needs of local and global communities. Core Values Health and food safety Excellence Integrity Respect Honor Communication

Name: Goat and sheep whole chilled carcasses

SKU: KE-019-31202-1947

Type: Mutton

Country of origin: Kenya

Price: USD 4.8 per Kg (FOB)

Min Order: 2 tonnes

Payment Terms: Prepaid

Qty Available: Weekly