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Ethiopian Coffee 100% Arabica from Ethiopia

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Since its inception in 2008 the company has been planting, roasting, grinding and distributing export standard coffee types ranging from Yergacefe, Jimma, Sidama, Harar, Wolega and Limu Genet for domestic and international consumers. We have a track record that can vividly testify the level of quality we stand for. The name of Haro originates from a small town found in Western Oromia region in Jimma zone, Haro is known for its natural endowment to grow coffee. The rich ecosystem of Haro has the natural resources conducive to grow coffee. Haro is indeed a crucial place in coffee history. It's a thrilling opportunity to carry this historic town's name and represent it in the quality of service we provide. The essence of our quality coffee starts from the sourcing; we cultivate our coffee from our coffee processing plant located in Western Oromia, Jimma region. 100% ARABICA, HAND PICKED, SLOW ROASTED. Our coffee is already available in the main African Airport, in London and Denmark. Available private label, all sizes of packaging. PRICE USD 8/KG FOB, ready to use, roasted and packed.

Name: Ethiopian Coffee 100% Arabica

SKU: ET-382-298-041

Type: Coffee Extracts

Country of origin: Ethiopia

Price: USD 8000 per tonne (FOB)

Min Order: 1 tonnes