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Duck Meat from Uganda

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Whole Pekin Duck Meat We are a group of growers and breeders specializing in raising ducks , most especially pekin ducks , known for its tender and tasty meat . This species of young duck is not force fed like muscovy or moulard duck. Benefits of consuming peking duck meat : 1. Peking duck raised for its meat, naturally fed under ideal conditions, complimented with a healthy diet without hormones or antibiotics . 2. Good source of iron and source of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-6. 3. Very tender and tasty meat culmination of over a century of research , expertise and know -how . 4. African grown duck ( humanely raised pekin ducks, pure vegetarian diet. Cooking Time : - It takes approximately 150minuntes to prepare . - Cooking methods can be roasted ,poach, smoke , babrbecue. Shipping and Delivery -Your order will be carefully packed in a box insulated with biodegradable foam along with ice packs to maintain proper temperature. - Orders can be delivered to any country .

Name: Duck Meat

SKU: UG-024-2989-259

Type: Duck Meat

Country of origin: Uganda

Price: USD 5000 per tonne (FOB)

Min Order: 5 tonnes

Payment Terms: T/T

Qty Available: 10