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Dry Cassava Chips from Tanzania

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$265.00 - $265.00
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MOMENT TRADERS COMPANY LIMITED is a legally registered company in Tanzania. Currently, the company has more than 2500 tons of ready for harvesting and processed cassava. The cassava can be harvested...washed... choped into cassava chips or cassava pieces ...sun dried in a clean/hygienic environment...moisture tested...packaged in gunny bags (according to client's specifications 50 or 100 kg bags) and shipped to client's destination. Our prices are competitive and can be renegotiated and a determined by market prices.. Currently., a ton of dried cassava chips ranges between [19/10, 00:27] Kinala: Usd $255 to 265 per ton FoB Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Cassava that Momemt Traders supplies/sell to its clients has a Minmam of 80 percent Starch, moisture maximum of 12 percent, fibre 4 percent max, sand/silicon 2 percent Max. It is freshly harvested and free from any chemicals. If need be Inspection of the dried cassava chips or sliced pieces of dried cassava can be done by client's representative prior to packaging and shipment of the consignment. All government issued certificates will be provided to clients for their assurance and record.

Name: Dry Cassava Chips

SKU: TZ-157-14324-945

Type: Cassava

Country of origin: Tanzania

Price: USD 265 per tonne (FOB)

Min Order: 30 tonnes

Payment Terms: LC, CAD, T/T

Qty Available: 2000 tons