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Dried Cinnamon from Tanzania

Original price $2,700.00 - Original price $2,700.00
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$2,700.00 - $2,700.00
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Cinnamon is produced by smallholder farmers in different farming systems of Tanzania. Farmers are getting support on production and processing from Tanzania Spices Association (TASPA) in collaboration with International Trade Centre (ITC). Tanzania government is now emphasising the production of high-quality true cinnamon to meet market requirement. Hence our company is buying cinnamon from farmers which have certified by TASPA which is the member of European Spices Association. The cinnamon bought from farmers is well sorted, graded, packed, and stored in well-ventilated go-down.

Name: Dried Cinnamon

SKU: TZ-214-2900-253

Type: Cinnamon

Country of origin: Tanzania

Price: USD 2.7 per Kg (EX-WORKS)

Min Order: 1 tonnes

Payment Terms: 30% after made agreement, 50% after shipment made and 20% after produce received by importer

Qty Available: 1500 kg