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corn / maize from Tanzania

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Tanzania Southern Highlands Corn We Source our Southern Highlands Corn From Handpicked Farms in Parts of Njombe and Ludewa. We have a Network of Professional Logistic Partners Who Pick Our Products Directly From These Farms and Deliver Them all over the country. NB: The deliverance is at the expense of the client Our Farmers Nurture Their Corn With good care Then at A facility Inspected by the Government and our Team on Their Farms. This Way Human Handling of Our Consignment is Minimized Reserving all the Purity and Aroma for our Clients. Quality: Non GMO, “Human Consumption” Purity: 98% Processing Processing practices must preserve the identity of white corn from harvesting through processing. Nearly all white corn is delivered to specific delivery points where it is cleaned and dried. For several large end-users, the specified delivery point is their processing plant. Some growers choose to dry corn on their own farms, provide storage, and then deliver on demand. Value-added uses The most common uses of white corn are food and sale. White corn is sold to dry-mill processors or used in alkaline cooking processes to produce a high-quality, light-colored flour. Approximately 98% of Tanzanian white corn is used in food and for sale. Harvesting The entire plant can be cut and placed into stacks while still green. Once it is dry, the ears can be picked and threshed, or the entire plant with the ear can be utilized as maize hay. Alternatively, the plants can be left in the field to dry and the ears harvested.

Name: corn / maize

SKU: TZ-317-2852-256

Type: Other Cereals

Country of origin: Tanzania

Price: USD 175 per tonne (EX-WORKS)

Min Order: 10 tonnes

Payment Terms: CAD, LC

Qty Available: 200