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Chambo (Tilapia) from Malawi

Original price $5,100.00 - Original price $5,100.00
Original price
$5,100.00 - $5,100.00
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We provide Malawian tilapia with the best quality all time, with an average length 20cm and 8cm width, scaling from 0.4 kg to 1kg. Inspections: As required by the customer Packaging: Customized boxes Delivery: Arrival at port for shipping from the day after order confirmation Origin: Malawi

Name: Chambo (Tilapia)

SKU: MW-063-34656-2131

Type: Fish

Country of origin: Malawi

Price: USD 5100 per tonne (FOB)

Min Order: 1 tonnes

Payment Terms: CAD, VISA, PAYPAL

Qty Available: 10 tonnes